Daventry District Council 2018


As predicted it was a really hard fight in our town wards on 3rd May. We successfully held our two Conservative marginals but sadly we weren't able to win the two UKIP seats and they were picked up by Labour. Our candidates, Colin Poole and Tim Wilson, will be a great loss to the Council.

Nonetheless holding on to all our 11 Conservative seats is a fantastic achievement, especially considering the national and local picture, and we are incredibly grateful for all the help we received that pushed those two marginal seats across the line. 

To view the full results click here.

We had a huge amount of support both from Daventry Activists and from neighboring Councillors in Northampton and South Northants without which we would certainly have lost the Hill Ward which we only one by 28 votes! 

A huge amount of work was put into the town Campaign especially - we delivered two leaflets to everyone, got canvassing data for over 1,000 voters and managed to deliver or knock ALL our pledges on Poll Day - starting at 5am and finishing at 8.30pm!

Good luck to all our newly elected or re-elected Councillors - it is going to be a very important couple of years for local Government in Northamptonshire and I hope you do us proud.