Conservatives take all 12 seats at District election

The Conservatives won all twelve seats up for election at the District Council on Thursday 7th May.

They took two seats off Labour, one in Abbey North and the other in Drayton Ward, whilst also gaining back Brixworth from a defected UKIP candidate. 

Daventry District council is now held by a Conservative majority of 31 councillors, with UKIP and Labour both in opposition with 2 councillors each and the Liberal Democrats holding 1 seat. 

The new Conservative District Councillors are as follows; 

Abbey North Ward - David James 

Abbey South Ward - Mark Wesley

Barby and Kilsby Ward - Ian Robertson 

Brixworth Ward - Nick Bunting 

Drayton Ward - Amy Howard

Hill Ward - Wayne Howard

Long Buckby - Diana Osborne 

Moutlon - Daniel Cribbin

Walgrave - Ann Carter 

Weedon - Johnnie Amos

Welford - Richard Auger 

Woodford - Jo Gilford